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Babbu Maan - BarsaatBabbu Maan - Barsaat [R]

Babbu Maan - DhuanBabbu Maan - Dhuan [R]

Babbu Maan - Babe Da KhoohBabbu Maan - Babe Da Khooh [R]

Babbu Maan - Waaris Nalwe DaBabbu Maan - Waaris Nalwe Da [R]

Babbu Maan - Adab PunjabiBabbu Maan - Adab Punjabi [R]

Babbu Maan - Rat Race (Pagal Shayar)Babbu Maan - Rat Race (Pagal Shayar) [R]

Shipra Goyal - Ik Din Ft. Babbu MaanShipra Goyal - Ik Din Ft. Babbu Maan [R,V]

Babbu Maan - Raatan De Rahi (Pagal Shayar)Babbu Maan - Raatan De Rahi (Pagal Shayar) [R]

Babbu Maan - Let Me PraiseBabbu Maan - Let Me Praise [R,V]

Babbu Maan - LockdownBabbu Maan - Lockdown [R,V]

Babbu Maan - HollywoodBabbu Maan - Hollywood [R,V]

Babbu Maan - Ghum GhumBabbu Maan - Ghum Ghum [R]

Babbu Maan - SaperaBabbu Maan - Sapera [R]

Babbu Maan - KoonjBabbu Maan - Koonj [R]

Bajwa Syalkoti - Jaati Utto JaanBajwa Syalkoti - Jaati Utto Jaan [R]

Babbu Maan - Gedi RouteBabbu Maan - Gedi Route [R]

Aman Dhillon - Nakhre Naar DeAman Dhillon - Nakhre Naar De [R]

Parminder Sidhu - Sada LaanaParminder Sidhu - Sada Laana [R]

Babbu Maan - Snapchat (Aah Chak 2020)Babbu Maan - Snapchat (Aah Chak 2020) [R,V]

Babbu Maan - Clickan (Full Song)Babbu Maan - Clickan (Full Song) [R]

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Start Trading on (WAZIRX)
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Step by Step Guide: How to use WazirX

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